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November 6, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Device Monitoring with PRTG

In today’s hyper-connected world onboard new-build yachts, IT networks are the lifeblood of our connected existence. We use them for our onboard IT systems, communications systems, CCTV/Security, AV & entertainment and lighting control. We heavily rely on device connectivity, especially for monitoring external communication for onboard internet, and AV monitoring so guest side devices can be checked remotely. The reality is however, there might be hundreds if not thousands of connected devices on your network, especially on the larger 100+ yachts… how do you monitor all of these devices without individually checking device connectivity, one at a time. Enter PRTG Network Monitor, a versatile tool that empowers yachts to not just monitor, but optimise their networks, allowing crew to spot issues before they ever become known to guests or owners.

PRTG Network Monitor: A Game-Changer

PRTG Network Monitor stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that can take your system monitoring to the next level. Here’s why Virtual ETO’s use it on every yacht we provide support for:

1. Holistic Network Visibility

PRTG offers a single, unified platform to monitor all aspects of your network, from hardware devices to applications and beyond. Enter Starburst… an visual adaptation designed by Virtual ETO’s to represent every device on your network at a quick glance. Need to ensure all the Apple TV’s are functioning each morning while on a guest trip?… Check that with PRTG. Need to ensure your VSAT or Starlink connections are online?… check that with PRTG. It really is a one stop shop for all of your networked devices. We use this starburst network map for all of the yachts we provide support on, it’s a great way for captains and chief engineers to quickly check all of the AV, IT and comms systems are operational at the start of each day… so there’s no panicked calls from guests that cant get an internet connection on their laptop for “that” important zoom meeting.

Virual ETOs Starbust - PRTG

2. Real-time Alerts

The ability to receive real-time alerts is crucial in system monitoring. PRTG provides customisable alerting, ensuring that you’re informed instantly when something goes down… including your internet connection. This proactive approach helps minimise downtime and mitigate potential issues for guests and owners.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

Whether you run a small network or large enterprise level setup as seen with many of the larger yacht installs, PRTG scales to the boats needs. You can add sensors as your network grows and its flexibility allows you to monitor various devices and technologies, including servers, routers, switches, AV devices, phones and more.

4. Enhanced Security

In today’s cyber-threat landscape, security is paramount to any yacht. PRTG assists in network security by monitoring traffic patterns, flagging unusual activities, and providing insights into potential security breaches. This proactive security approach helps yachts safeguard their sensitive data.

5. Ease of Use

One of PRTG’s standout features is its user-friendliness. Even non-technical crew can navigate the interface and access relevant information easily. This accessibility ensures that network monitoring is not limited to IT specialists, making it a valuable asset onboard any boat.


By leveraging the power of PRTG, yachts can proactively monitor all of the networked devices, manage their network infrastructure, optimise bandwidth usage and enhance security. In a world where device downtime can have significant consequences for guests and owners, PRTG empowers you to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that your devices remain dependable and always online.

Contact Virtual ETO’s today to see how you could benefit from PRTG for AV / IT / Comms / Security device monitoring.

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